BigBagel is finally home

I am deeply pleased to be able to officially announce this – the once estranged, homeless, allbut orphaned BigBagels have finally ended their days of roaming aimlessly about the countryside…

That is because they have found a loving home – a spacious place where their opulent size is nay longer an impairment, but rather a cool feature. Surrounded by (reasonably) happy party people they’ve sunken into their own at the great culture & event location Docken, and as you can see I’m very relieved:


Photo by Jesper Friis // cphmass

– and this is what it looks like at event time – comfy eh?

Snapshot courtesy of Sten Lundager

So bottom line: after a lot of getting around, premiering in Bella Center a couple years ago, then taking a trip to TEKO, then some events, such as “Routes” in Øksnehallen and some afterparty-thingy following NMA, plus a short stop-over at Coach Partner, the social furniture eventually, and by obscure routes, came to their rights as such.

(to anyone who’s envious of these, I fully understand because they’re unbelievably cool – get in touch with me to buy your very own, custom sizes & color schemes available)

Thanks to Michael Friis and everybody at Docken for adopting my babies.

– and JW is a happy camper…

Photo by Jesper Friis // cphmass

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