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What does "Creative Playmaker" mean, you ask?

Well, a playmaker (in soccer), courtesy of Wikipedia, is: "an attacking player who controls the flow of the team's offensive play, and is often involved in passing moves which lead to goals. [....] - creativity is the only true requirement, and good passing ability and tactical awareness help"

Not a bad way do describe my attitude towards the use of creativity. For more on that, click right here.

Read the full story of this job title at my blog.

Over the years I have been a cabinet maker, musician, army sergeant, karate trainer, worked for Greenpeace and Red Cross, among many other things - I have been PA and project manager for Johannes Torpe and PA for Sebastian Holmback, worked as a lighting designer and advisor, a creative consultant, and part-time chandelier-cleaner...
I've done some web work, too - here's a few examples:

Web shop for Rue Verte - preparation, layout & organisation, implementation, product photography

Web shop for Montana Mobile - layout & organisation, implementation, administration

A few links to some friends, colleagues, and ressources:

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Sharing great ideas and experiences:
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