Change of pace… again!

Well, gosh darnit, things just keep happening!

Things like, during what we at JWcph call the anti-bubble (you know, cryziz’n all) I went away from working as advisor, PR chief, salesman etc. at Mekavi, redesigned and rebooted my own website and revived this blog – during that same time I had meetings all over the place… maybe some of those projects will turn up in these pages eventually.

Anyway – I got my head all hunted, so to speak, as the word of my availability to new challenges reached the ear of Karina, Michala & Julie of Rue Verte // Rue Verte Plus, one thing led to another, and two weeks ago I started work with Rue Verte Plus as assistant manager.

Rue Verte Plus

I am very happy for this – these are some lovely people, it’s a great store with some great goodies (don’t just take my word for it, this book says so too – RVP is one of the 55 coolest shops in the world!), and I look forward immensely to working there.

Being this guy that I am, one of the first things I’ve done (besides immersing myself in the new surroundings) is to create a Facebook page for Rue Verte Plus. I’ll be maintaining it, and it’ll be great, with news and events, as well as general stuff concerning our brands, associates and all that.

This is not to say that nothing else will happen, though, and blog & website will once again go dormant.
The tone will probably change a little, and posting frequency may vary but I’ll still be around – maybe to tell you how it’s going with that stereo system I’m designing with Karsten Lülloff and Ulf Nielsen // Helio Audio, or maybe to show some sketches for that waste disposal system I’m creating with mr. Bohmbastik (still kinda secret, so…), og maybe just my two cents on something vaguely design related…

But I’ll be here.

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